ContentManagement Systems

We design custom CMS platforms based on your specific website needs and business goals.

What Is A CMS?

Content management systems (CMS) help facilitate the creation, publishing, distribution, organization and management of digital content.

CMS platforms help create the structure of how information such as articles, videos, design elements and images will be presented. Also, they provide you with all the tools necessary to populate that onsite content.

When determining what CMS you should use, our team of digital experts help you find the right solution based on the unique needs of your company. Each CMS can be custom designed and tailored to your team’s needs and abilities.

What we Work with

From a brochure website to a complex e-commerce website, we use a range of content management systems and always recommend based upon your needs. The most popular content management systems, or ways of building websites, which we work with are:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Laravel

During our consultations with you, we’ll get a good feel for the types of functions you require, the capability of your team, the complexity of your product database, integration with other systems and your future plans; before recommending a solution.

Our development team is a unique blend of experts working in a range of coding frameworks, from PHP to .NET, allowing us to offer flexibility to our clients.

Whilst it’s a case of horses for courses, our recommended content management systems will always have some things in common:

  • Robustness and reliability
  • Widely used globally
  • Supported by a community of developers worldwide
  • Capable of expansion – via readily available plugins or bespoke development
  • Multiple users and role capabilities
  • WYSIWYG and HTML editing (to add text, pictures, video and animation)
  • Full training


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